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Mission: Provide strategic insights and solutions to our clients.

Vision: Support all stakeholders enhance value of their project(s) and portfolios.

How to respond to a volatile and challenging environment ?

We help clients understand and prepare to respond to market challenges.

Where will your organization be in 20 years or 30 years from now?

We help clients build solid foundations based on firm analytics and insights.



Without proper relationship to knowledge, no organization can have neither stable continuity nor longetivity. ERG Managerial specializes in management support services, i.e. those services designed to help ease managerial decision-making. As such, we help management teams boost operational efficiency by outsourcing us certain services and relocate resources to critical areas of business performance.

Market Intelligence Services Project Development Services Research & Development Services

Industry Research / Reporting

Competitor Analysis

Financial Analysis / Reporting

Procurement Services

Strategy Formulation / Writing

Investment Due Diligence

Strategic Planning

Process Improvement

Visual Process Management

Mind Mapping

Organizational Charting

Disaster Planning

Policy Analysis / Evaluation

Investment Research

Program Background Research

Socio-economic Research

Stakeholder Analysis

Intellectual Property Research



Community Health Trials Investment Research ICT Development

Project planning, data analysis and final report writing for two community health trials. The firstt on the link between depression and single motherhood in San Bernardino County, CA.

The second an intervention trial on STD's propogation among students of the Central High-School District of Escondido, CA.

One project consisted of a market research of the possibilities of energy development in the Balkans focusing on clean energy like hydro-thermo power, wind and natural gas.

Another project consisted in a due diligence of the possibilities of tourism development in the Balkans focusing on seashore resorts and real estate development.

Full-scale development project that consisted in the initial market research, business planning, product development and business governance of a new IPTV, WAN and Cable provider in Albania, Blet@Net.

Another project related to the assessment of the efficiency of an online information and participation portal relating to Albanian SMEs.

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